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PSA at University of California, Irvine
PSA Constitution

Your rights as a PSA UC IRVINE member.


1. Name:
The name of the association shall be the "Pakistan Student Association", herein referred to as the PSA.

2. Objectives:
The purpose of this cultural Association is to inform all interested persons of the culture and traditions of Pakistani culture, to further the knowledge of interested persons of the history of Pakistan, and to serve all UCI and other University Students, Faculty and Staff, including International Students, in achieving the above stated goals.

3 Membership:
Membership shall be open to all students and must comply with federal laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, sex, handicap, age, sexual orientation, or political and religious affiliation. Compliance with these laws means that membership, benefits, and the election of officers will not be made on the basis of these factors. In addition a minimal membership fees may be applicable.

4. The Executive council:
The Executive Council shall consist of:
(A) President(co-chair)
(B) Vice-President
(C) Public Relations
(D) Treasurer
(E) Secretary
(F) Historian
(G) Interclub Representative
(H) Culture Show Chair

Officers may only be current UC Irvine students.

(A) The President shall:
(i) Be responsible for the maintenance of the PSA club status at UCI, and be the official PSA officers in matters concerning the University.
(ii) Uphold the constitution.
(iii) Have signing authorities to the PSA bank account in conjunction with the Treasurer.
(iv) Be the chairman of all executive and general body meetings.
(v) Provide direction for the club.
(vi) Ensure smooth running of all events.
(vii) To call general and executive meetings.
(viii) Have power to call a new office if needed.

(B) The Vice-President shall:
(i) Assume the role of President, should the president not be able
to complete his/her term for some reason.
(ii) Represent PSA in all external bodies in conjunction with the President.
(iii) Be responsible for the promotion of PSA interests abroad.
(iv) Assume all duties assigned by the President.

(C)Public Relations shall:

(D) The Treasurer shall:
(i) Keep records of all monies received and dispersed.
(ii) Prepare financial reports as deemed necessary by the Executive Council or UCI.
(iii) Preparation of monthly financial statements.
(iv) Co-signing authorities to the PSA bank account along with the President.
(v) Responsible for fund-raising along with the Vice-President.

(E) The Secretary shall:
(i) Take minutes of all executive and general body meetings.
(ii) Have a copy of minutes available for executive and general members who could not attend the meeting.
(iii) Keep a list of members eligible to vote.
(iv) Be responsible for letting executives know of exec meetings.
(v) Be responsible for letting members know of general body meetings.
(vi) Shall be speaker at all meetings.

(F) Historian

(G) Interclub Representative :
(i) Organize sports event while in office.
(ii) Organize inter-university or inter-club sports tournaments and all that involves ensuring that it runs smoothly.
(iii) Co-ordinate other events with different clubs on campus.
(iii) Assume all duties assigned by the President.

(H) Culture Show Chair shall:
(i) Ensure proper planning and operating events during the year.
(ii) Present budgets and prospective costs of all events to the executive committee.
(iii) Forward all major decisions to the executive for approval.
(iv) Assume all duties assigned by the President.

5. The Elections:
(a) It shall be the responsibility of the Executive Board to supervise the nomination and election process.
(b) Elections will only be held after a weeks notice has been given to all the members, informing them about upcoming elections.
(c) Any member who is a present UCI student may stand for any position on the Executive board.
(d) Non-UCI students are not allowed to stand in elections and are not allowed to vote.
(e) Only member on the mailing list are eligible to vote.
(f) If there is no opponent for a position, the nominee is acclaimed.
(g) If there is more than one nominee for a position, there will be a general election by secret ballot by all members.
(h) Nominies for office will be elected by simple majority during the election.

6. Vacancies:
(a) In the event that there is a vacancy in the office of the president, the Vice President External shall take over and assumer the position of President.
(b) If the Vice-President in unable to fill the vacancy of the office of President, then the Executive can fill the vacancy by unanimous vote of the remaining Executive at any Executive meeting.
(c) In the case that any other office lies vacated, the Executive may appoint by a majority vote, any member eligible to hold office.

7. Amendment:
In order for a constitution to be amended, it should receive support from at least 2/3 of the members present at a general meeting of the club.


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