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Recent and Upcoming Events
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Recent and Upcoming Events

Recent Events:

ISC CULTURE SHOW was on May 11th. PSA had a 7 minute segment to represent ourselves and show unity with the Desiz

END OF THE YEAR BANQUET was on June 14th.

JUNOON CONCERT!! No you're not dreaming! The most successful Pakistani Rock Band performing in USC sponsored by PSA UCI on May 4th!!

ASH BASH 2002 was an enormous success! We had 250 people bhangraing all night at the Monarch Bays on April 5th! Unbelievable turnout! Make sure you check out the pictures! 

PSA ICE SKATING NIGHT March 6th- It was one of the most fun events of the year. All our members enjoyed it...slipping, sliding and playing Where's Waldo! 
PSA EID BANQUET March 1st; COPAA's  EID Banquet for all PSA's at Shahnawaz Restaurant in Lakewood was AWESOME; UCI stole the show with their performance Shararatein!
PSA's booth as a part of the campus progressive alliance on ring road on Feb 26th was a success...plenty of people came and picked up a flyer which helped us improve awareness of our culture on campus! Thanks to all those that came out and showed their support! 
PSA Night Skiing went greeeeaaat! Our VP Humza Javed somehow managed to lose his snowboard and let it go ALL THE WAY DOWN THE HILL!!
PSA Bonfire was awesome! We all kicked it at Corona Del Mar and intermingled with PSA's from other schools such as USC, UCR, UCLA and CSUF! Shout outs to all of em for showin up!


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Upcoming Events


1st Club Meeting October 1st in Emerald Bay A at 7 pm.

Bhangra is baaaack...Ash Bash Hungama Bhangra Party will be at the UCI Student Center, October 11th.

Stay tuned for more updates! Website now updated daily!

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